In Hot Water

21 Jun

My sister tells me never to blog about breakups (“nobody wants to hear about how sad you are and there’s no reason to leave a record of it on the interwebs”), but I can’t help but admit that I’m in a really weird place right now.  It’s not that I am going through a breakup; it’s just that I can’t stand my current status.

I’ve started dating this new guy, Dasani, who I haven’t blogged about to this point mostly because I find him too boring to mention.  I sit here at my computer, trying to think of a fun story to tell and I just can’t find one.  Sometimes he will write or say something of interest, but it is usually buffered by five or six incredibly lackluster statements before and after.  It’s like a huge hamburger bun of boring, with a small meat patty of interesting inside.  Not satiating.  Not delicious.  Not even a pickle.

And, to make matters worse, he has absolutely no interest in doing anything fun.  No interest at all.  I try to get him to come out for drinks, nope.  I ask him to meet up later in the night, nope.  I’ll check and see what he is doing… nothing.  We go to dinner, that’s pretty much the extent of it.  Yay!  Just my type!

Last night we went out on date # eight – dinner outside in the park.  I was semi-bored, but overall it was enjoyable.  I credit most of that to the weather, and to jean shorts, but I’ll let him own a stake of the niceness.  But after dinner and a few drinks, he started to get all emotional, talking about how much baggage he has from his past relationship and how he hopes I can deal with it.  I’m so messed up still, I need time to adjust to liking you…I just want to be honest.

Maybe I am the messed up one, but I told him to stop talking.  No Dasani, I can’t deal with it.  I’m so sick of rubbing backs and soothing heartache with guys I barely even know.  When did date eight mean therapy?  It’s such an unfortunate part of exclusively dating the 30+ crowd.  They’re so emo.  And it’s so 1998.

Other than hunger or sleepiness, I don’t really like to talk about feelings with my boyfriends until I have a toothbrush at their place.  It’s a general rule of thumb for me.  One that hasn’t really worked thus far and I should consider adjusting, but still a rule of thumb nonetheless.

Anyway, Dasani got upset because I told him that I wasn’t ready to have a conversation about what’s working and what isn’t between us, and I just wanted to have an enjoyable evening with him before we both left town for a few days.  It ended with me thinking of ways to not have to stay over (fail) and him trying to spoon me (double fail).

Then it really fell apart this morning when I insinuated that I might not want to talk to him in 10 days when he gets back from Ireland.  I also told him text messaging doesn’t work abroad.

Starting today, I think I am starting over.  I have no backups or backup plan, but for some reason, I feel like something good is just around the corner.

And I just can’t wait for it.  Especially without that huge bottle of Dasani watering me down.


One Response to “In Hot Water”

  1. Chloe June 24, 2011 at 7:56 pm #

    LOVE your style–dating and writing! I have a similar thing going, if you want to check it out. We should also chat writer to writer about dating woes, blogs, and blackouts!

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